Our Team.

Martin Enckell

Expedition Leader

Martin is BBC’s “expert advisor” in TV shows filmed in remote parts of the polar regions and has worked every year in the Arctic and Antarctica since 1999. As an Expedition Leader, divemaster, zodiac driver and private guide, he spends most of his time out in the field. In the Arctic, Martin has explored Svalbard, Greenland’s West and East coasts, the Canadian Arctic, Franz Josef Land, Novaya Semlja, the White Sea and the Sea of Okhotsk in the Russian Arctic.


Audun Lie Dahl

Expedition Leader

Audun has been arranging and leading tours all around the world since 2010, focusing on the colder regions such as Svalbard, Arctic Norway and Antarctica. In more recent years, Audun has been renowned as one of the premier wildlife photographers in the world, and awarded accolades such as GDT European Wildlife Photographer of the Year, NHM Wildlife Photographer of the Year and Nature’s Best.


Espen Lie Dahl

Expedition Leader

Espen is an avid birder and renowned wildlife photographer, winning multiple international awards in recent years. With a PhD in biology, Espen has considerable knowledge of the environment in the remote areas our expeditions go to. 

Dagfinn Lien

Technical Superintendent

Dagfinn started his career as an engineer in cruise tourism at an early age. In recent years, he has built his own company that runs special assignments for the electrical industry at sea, using cables and power lines. Dagfinn also has a fleet in the salmon industry.

Jojo Persson

Director of Operations

Jojo is an expedition operations specialist from Sweden with over 15 years of experience in luxury hospitality. Over the years, Jojo has coordinated expeditions unique to the industry all over the world, from Antarctica to the Arctic, and across multiple remote tropical destinations. Jojo is an expert problem-solver and the heart of all expeditions.